New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park in Angle Fire sits on a hill along the Enchanted Circleover looking the Moreno Valley and the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Dr. Westphall began construction of the chapel to honor the memory of their son and the fifteen men that died with him near Con Thien, South Vietnam on May 22, 1968.

During the building phase of the chapel at Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Dr. Victor Westphall, from force of habit, locked the entrance door to the Chapel each evening. One morning he found a message written on a piece of scrap plywood that asked, “Why did you lock me out, when I needed to come in?” Since that time, the Chapel doors have never been locked.

chapel-at-viet-nam-memorial-1Chapel at the New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park. [Nikon D3X]

On Veterans Day 2005 the site became the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park.  This is the only New Mexico State Park that does not require an entrance fee.

flag-viet-nam-memorial-2Three flags fly at the memorial, the United States flag, the New Mexico State flag and the POW/MIA flag. [Nikon D3X]

The site is comprised of the Chapel, Visitors Center, Amphitheater, Veterans Memorial Walkway commentating all U.S. Veterans and Memorial Gardens.